chinese stock code:839562
laser marking board

lmc v4


16 general input signals(ttl compatible): in0-in13, xorg0(in14), yorg0(in15).

8 general output signals(ttl compatible): out0-7 coming out of con5. out0 - 3 are ttl

outputs. out4-7 can be configured as oc outputs or ttl outputs.

laser err signal: this signal will be activated when there is an error occurs in the laser, oc


remark function: this function is used to remark what ever is in the memory of the board,

especially convenient for high speed marking on same pattern.

compatible with usb2.0 specifications.

card parameter

16 general input signals(ttl compatible)

8 general input signals(ttl compatible)

using usb2.0 specifications

size:265*175*85 mm