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camera marking system

camera positioning marking system

chip processing:
small electronic chips have the characteristics that the product is easy to damage, the tube is easier to break. so they are saved by the tape in the transport process. it need to process product identification in the final package before storage.
the traditional approach is to get the chip from the tape, into the size of the custom fixture, filled with a set of fixtures, batch processing product identification. after processing, reload the tape. this method is slow, and transport links, easy to cause damage to the chip pin.
the system we developed for our customers can be installed at a point in front of the product package. continuous processing logo after automatic feeding. no need to move into and out the material transport belt. as the chip has been in the tape, and because of shaking, each chip xyz angle is inconsistent. the lighting direction can only be vertical, resulting in inconsistent reflective effect of the two steps of the pin, thereby reducing the template positioning efficiency. custom software calculates the imaging distribution based on the chip design to improve the positioning efficiency. 

coaxial positioning & two-dimensional code recognition

two-dimensional code because of its legibility, data capacity. it is widely used in various fields of production and life and has an id card in the traceability system. the traditional solution is the scanner get the information from code and send it to the laser marking system. now we integrate the function of two-dimensional code recognition, with co-axial vision program, you can achieve the combination of positioning scan code features. compared with the scanning gun program, this scheme can flexibly configure the scanning code position without regard to the additional space requirement for installing the scanning gun. and direct interaction within the software data, without communication, improve efficiency. save costs. 

button batteries:

button batteries due to smaller size, so it has been widely used in a variety of micro-electronic products , there are also large output, specifications and more features in the production. and in order to avoid deformation, the risk of discharge, so use soft plastic material. if a single processing, you will need to adjust the position of the electric platform, this processing time is long because of small particles processing, can not meet the needs of the market. batch processing needs to judge the position and angle of each product, but due to inconsistencies of the reflective surface, it will affect the judgment. we use four light source to solve the problem, and finally reached the customer requirements efficiency.

processing test:

visually inspect the product for laser processing. quick identification, installation and adjusting is very simple, without professional engineers service support on site